9 Serial Killers Who Are Now Free

8. Aleksandr Rubel

Pedro Alonso López The Monster of the Andes

From one Estonian to another, Aleksandr Rubel was originally born in the Soviet Republic of Ukraine in 1980. Rubel moved to the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn - the same place Neželski moved to after his own release. Unlike Neželski, who was a religious fanatic and robber, Rubel was just a drug addict.

Rubel had a bit of a habit of huffing gasoline to get high and many of his murders occurred shortly after such activities. His first murder was a handicapped neighbour nearly 30 years older than him. He claimed he got high and wanted to kill someone and figured his neighbour wouldn't be able to put up much of a defense.

From there, he moved on to helping his father murder a man they believed Rubel's mother was having an affair with. Between January and June 1998, Rubel would go on to commit at least five more murders with such methods as stabbing, decapitation with an axe, and slitting a 15-year-old girl's throat.

Rubel was caught and convicted of the murders, but because he was considered a minor by Estonian law, the maximum penalty was eight years. In 2006, Rubel was released and disappeared, believed to have either moved to Ukraine or taken on a new identity within Estonia.

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