9 Serial Killers Who Are Now Free

6. The Ogre Of Drama

Pedro Alonso López The Monster of the Andes

Kyriakos Papachronis was already a champion boxer and karate practitioner when he joined the Greek Army as an officer's cadet. He was serving at the military camp outside the city of Drama when he first sought out the services of a prostitute. After she insulted his sexual prowess and he returned a few hours later and stabbed her to death.

This would only be Papachronis' first victim. He would go on to attack eight more victims before he was caught by his military superiors because, in all his brilliance, he committed several of these attacks in his uniform. They searched his quarters and found the knives he used as well as the fifth victim's lighter. He would eventually confess to the crimes... as well as five bombing attempts and arson.

Papachronis was court-martialled and found guilty of of murder and rape, among other charges. He was a troublemaker in prison and by the year 2000 he had a life sentence, plus almost 24 years on top of the two decades he'd already spent behind bars. Incredibly popular with serial killer groupies due to his good looks and charisma, he was arguably a Greek version of Charles Manson. In 2004, after only 22 years in prison, he was released on bail and lives freely in Thessaly, Greece to this day.

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