9 Things That Prove Denver Airport Is The Secret HQ Of The Illuminati

The New World Order's Fingerprints Are All Over It

Something at Denver International Airport is very seriously wrong. Located 25 miles from downtown Denver, it opened in 1995, two years late and more than $3 billion over budget. It replaced Stapleton International Airport, which didn€™t have any major problems and was closer than its replacement to the city it served. So why was a completely unnecessary and vast airport €“ it€™s the second biggest in the world €“ even built, especially at such an extortionate cost? Because in reality, it€™s the secret headquarters of The Illuminati, and the evidence for this is numerous and compelling. Everywhere you look there are clues that hint at the true evil that lurks beneath the façade of Denver Airport. There€™s the ominous layout of the runways, the murals that depict the end of the world, the miles and miles of secret tunnels beneath it, and much, much more. Taken separately, they could all be written off as odd quirks, but when put together, they lead to one, incontrovertible fact - Denver Airport is the first roll of the dice in the New World Order€™s plan to kill off the human race€
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