9 Things That Prove Denver Airport Is The Secret HQ Of The Illuminati

9. It Has A Sculpture Of A Demonic Horse

Your first indication that something at Denver Airport is not right is visible before you even take a step inside the terminal. On the road which leads to the main building is a sculpture named Blue Mustang, that is so terrifying locals have dubbed it Blucifer. It€™s actually a 32-foot-tall wild horse, rearing up on its hind legs. Oh and it€™s painted metallic blue, is disarmingly anatomically correct, and its eyes and veins light up RED at night. In fact the sculpture€™s designer Luis Jimenez originally wanted the eyes to not only glow, but to have actual lasers firing out of them. Presumably whoever the Illuminati€™s Doctor Evil is vetoed that as too obvious - that kind of thing would just scream €œDANGER€ to be honest. Jimenez€™s reasons for building this malevolent beast from hell will never be known, because the sculpture actually killed him. In 2006, two years before it was installed outside the airport, a 9,000 pound section of it fell on him, severing an artery in his leg.
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