Disney Bachelorette: 10 Perfect Suitors For Frozen's Queen Elsa

9. Prince Ferdinand (Snow White And The Seven Dwarves)

Residence: Bavaria. Occupation: Prince. Height: 6'1". Hair colour: Brown. Eye colour: Brown. Hobbies and interests: Singing; necrophilia. Special talent: Reviving the dead with a kiss. Last relationship: Multiple sources have indicated that Ferdinand broke it off with Snow because her fetish for dwarves was affecting their relationship, especially when they were being intimate. Let me just file that under Too Much Information. His chances: Gotta say, I'm not crazy about ol' Ferdinand's chances here. His taste for necrophilia, however beneficial for Snow, should scream "DANGER" for our Elsa. Ferdinand's one asset going into this is his previous experience dealing with queens who have devastatingly low self-esteem. We'll have to see how that plays out for him.
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