Every Stephen King Novel Ranked Worst To Best

Which of the King's novels is the greatest of them all?

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Stephen King is one of the biggest icons in literature. Having written over sixty novels (as well as a dozen short story and essay collections which feature over 200 shorter tales), King has sold around 350 million copies of his books worldwide, and defined a genre along the way.

Often noted as the King of Horror, a genre in which he's certainly excelled over his fifty year career as an author, King has proven time and time again to be just as good at haunting his Constant Readers with tales of creatures that go bump in the night as he is at breaking their heart with stories of loss and innocence.

The following list will take a look at every one of the author's novels, from the less accomplished to the undisputed masterpieces, and attempt to answer the age-old question: What is the best Stephen King story of all time?

With over fifty entries to get through, let's get stuck in.


53. The Tommyknockers

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Though it could be argued that Stephen King has no truly "bad" novel, The Tommyknockers is as close as you're likely to find.

A tale of a small town where the locals begin to unearth alien artifacts with devastating results, this 1987 sci-fi horror was published during King's battle with addiction, and the dreary metaphors about this chapter in his life - as well as the book's sometimes clunky, overlong narrative - makes The Tommyknockers a novel with a lot of potential unfortunately squandered.


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