Every Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights House 2018 - Reviewed

Carnival Graveyard: Rust In Pieces

Carnival Graveyard Halloween Horror HHN Universal Orlando
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This was the original maze that I was probably most looking forward to seeing and I wasn't disappointed.

The sheer scale of this house was breathtaking. The props and scenery felt never ending. It felt like you were in a labyrinth of scrap and rusting metal.

This was a fun maze. Sal's Amusement Salvage had a whole host of characters who made it clear that they did not want you in their scrapyard. The actors costumes were great and the scares were good too. The carnies of this house seemed to be hidden everywhere, waiting to pounce.

Those with a clown phobia should be warned that there's no escape in this maze. Personally, I found this the creepiest of the night's clowns. It reminded me of a sort of evil looking Ronald McDonald and moved like a broken doll.

My only negative was that it was TOO detailed. I wanted to stop and look at everything, but that's not really possible at HHN. If you did this house a hundred times I doubt you would unlock all its secrets.

From what I've seen, this maze is offered in the Unmasking the Horror tour. I kind of wished I'd done the tour just so that I could have seen more of this impressive house.


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