Some Genius Recreated The True Detective Theme Song In 8-Bit Chiptune

Detectives Cohle and Hart crack the case with an assist from the pixel police.

The True Detective season finale dropped Sunday with a disappointing thud (or as one critic at The Atlantic noted, "with the false veneer of profundity,") but that's not to say the program won't be lionized on the Internet, both now and moving forward. As a case in point the program's gorgeous theme song has already been reworked as an eerie, 8-bit chiptune (sans vocals). Because nostalgia and video games: Mighty impressive work. Notes Mike2600, the entrepreneurial Soundclouder who remixed it: "My 8-bit inspired MIDI version of The Handsome Family's "Far From Any Road" created entirely using Ableton Live 7." What would a video game spun around True Detective look like? One player or two? Gritty procedural or 1st-person shooter? Let us know what you'd like to see in the comments below! Do you miss the profound poetry of Matthew McConaughey's nihilist detective? Have you got a hole in your life that only Woody Harrelson's scrunched up tooth-achey face was filling? Then why not check out our suggestions for 9 Ways To Fill The Void Left By True Detective, or our run-down of Major Hollywood Actors Appearing In TV Shows In 2014, that could turn out to be the next True Detective-like success story. Or simply revisit all of our True Detective reviews, including Crazy Theories On How It Could Have Ended (most of which were impressively wrong).