iPhone 6 - 4 Rumoured Features That Would Be Terrible (And 1 That Actually Sounds Good)

iphone new Apple has a history of keeping its cards very close to its chest, and has never revealed anything prior to a launch date and strictly controlled what information it disperses. Unlike other companies, Apple has been actually successful at keeping information in house until it chooses to release it. While there have been stories of incredibly clumsy apple workers "leaving prototypes" at a bar or restaurant, as has now happened on two separate occasions (An iPhone 4 was left in a bar in Redwood City, California and a phone speculated to be the iPhone 5 was left in a tequila lounge in San Francisco called Cava22) this hasn't stopped people from speculating what the new features will be in the latest iPhone, even rumours regarding the release date have been spread. While the iPhone has previously been the biggest player in the market, Samsung have caught up on Apple's market share, placing more and more pressure on Apple to release a phone that will eclipse the latest phone in the Samsung Galaxy series. To combat Samsung previously, Apple re-designed the housing of their phones, going from the curved plastic backed iPhone 3g and 3gs to the slick glass backed 4, 4s and 5, as well as adding dual cameras which are now standard on all smart phones these days and a flash for the camera. The iPhone 5 saw Apple caving to pressure from the market, and Samsung phones, to release a phone with a bigger screen. However, for many the updates in the iPhone 5 were not good enough for a vast majority of Apple's fanbase, and was not seen as being that much better than the 4s. With Samsung having already released the 4th version in the Galaxy series (not including the side developments such as the budget models like the Galaxy Ace and the mini tablets such as the Galaxy Note series), pressure is growing on Apple to stun the world with the iPhone 6, or the 5s. Still, even without any set release date, or any information released, Apple's fanbase rumour mill has once again been in overdrive churning out stories in regards to the latest installment, some of which are more hopeful than anything else. A search of the internet reveals that some of these rumours have gone into so much depth that fans have even come up with concept sketches for Apple to base their latest phone on. However, like some things on the internet, some of these changes are terrible ideas and wouldn't work well in reality. The following is a list of genuine fan-made changes suggested for the latest Apple iPhone that would be a terrible idea, as well as one rumour that would work well.
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