iPhone 6 - 4 Rumoured Features That Would Be Terrible (And 1 That Actually Sounds Good)

4. Dual Home Buttons

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zGsgsDdesmY There is no doubting that the new iPhone could be overhauled as Apple seemingly haven't done anything truly revolutionary in a while. Instead Apple has done mainly aesthetic changes, replacing the back plastic for a sleek flat glass design that was criticized by many as it was very easy to break and is seen as another part that would shatter when dropped, as opposed to the tougher plastic backed iPhone 3g and 3gs. This has sparked a rumour that the new iPhone will have a second home button, as a complete overhaul. The home button, one of the two main buttons on the overhaul plays a key part in the iPhone design, as a method to both turn on the screen and exit an application, making it more versatile than the power button, which is mainly used to turn the phone on and off. The variety of uses for the home button has grown as ios functions have increased, with the inclusion of multitasking which was a handy inclusion in ios 4. One of the rumoured updates to the iPhone structure is the addition of a second home button. This would reduce the wear and tear on the home button, but the second home button is a terrible idea, especially if they had different functions. The biggest advantage that the iPhone has to offer is in its simplicity. The dual home button takes Apple's design further away from the simplicity. Several Android phones had multiple buttons along the bottom of the screen, and while the buttons have different functions and are useful, the fact is that more often then not they don't have much use (and have the same function as each other, such as the home and return button often does the same thing). This rumour also circulated before the release of the iPhone 5, but to no avail.
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