iPhone vs Android: 10 Features iPhone 5 Must Have To Compete

Ten absolute must have features for Apple's new iPhone to snatch away its depreciating market share from Android.

Fresh on our minds are three hot-shot products from this year: first, the Samsung Galaxy SIII; second, the HTC One X; third, the revised Samsung Galaxy Nexus with the quintessential Android 4.1 update, Jelly Bean. These three products have created new standards, set high benchmarks and raised our expectations from future smartphones to a level which the new iPhone can either reach or breach. There is no doubt about that. But will it disrupt the market? The last two Apple events, when the iPhone 4S and iOS 6 were launched in that order, were a bit of a disappointment for most Apple fanboys. Note, that I say 'a bit'. In spite of the underwhelmed response to those products, Apple's revenue still bled humongous loyalty. With the new iPhone expected to be launched soon, let's go through some of the features which we think are an absolute must for Apple's new iPhone to snatch away its depreciating market share from Android. We have already published 8 features we want in iPhone 5. In this post, we shall try and cover 10 features which Apple needs to introduce to compete with the latest and the best of Android phones.

10. 4G/LTE

iPhone4s no LTE By choosing to not include 4G/LTE capabilities in the iPhone 4S, Apple gifted its competition an option to launch the 'first phone with LTE' tagged product. You may argue that, till recently, 4G/LTE connection speeds were not omnipresent. But then, since when did Apple start following the market? Ironically, the slightest hint of this technological benchmark was sufficient for the network providers to start deploying equipment which could handle 4G speeds. If Apple's strategy during the launch of iPhone 4S had some forethought, the recent 4G/LTE deployments by major network providers should be sufficient for Apple to upgrade the new iPhone to the latest standards. Should Apple have upgraded the iPhone 4S to 4G/LTE? Who cares now that the new iPhone is about to be launched! But, we sure would be disappointed if the new iPhone is not 4G/LTE equipped, unless Apple launches a product capable of reaching '4G/LTE speeds' without actually being 4G/LTE ready (is that possible?).

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