List Of Upcoming WWE Funko Pop! Vinyls Leaks

Becky Lynch is amongst them.

Becky Lynch Pop Vinyl

After years of fans demanding a miniature version of The Man to go alongside their other WWE dollies, it seems as if their wish is about to come true, as a new list of upcoming Funko Pop! figures has leaked onto the internet.

Instagram user @anerdydad posted a graphic purporting to reveal which WWE superstars past and present are next up for the brushed vinyl treatment, with the company's hottest star Becky Lynch leading the list.

Lynch's revolutionary female wrestling forebear Trish Stratus is also listed, alongside a new Undertaker model (with a hood!), and a jacketed Bret Hart.

Raw songster Elias rather incongruously rounds out the list.

There's been no official confirmation on this leak as yet, though given how her stardom has skyrocketed in recent months, you'd expect the Irish Lass-kicker to be in contention for such a merchandising opportunity even if the list proves bogus.

Funko has released approximately nine million Pop! vinyl figurines since the line commenced production in 2011. A whole host of WWE superstars are available in super deformed form, but sadly, none of them are Nailz. Maybe some day.

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