Pugs Vs Cats : 6 Reasons The World Became Obsessed With Cute Animals

3. Pug In Black

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYr_iVitR-4 Before we start with this one, it's only fair to acknowledge the many cats that have appeared on the big-screen over the years, most recently the ginger puss from Inside Llewyn Davis. We've also had the likes of Blofeld's cat in the James Bond films; Mike Myers' as the irritating Cat in the Hat; and Jonesy from Alien. Animation has also brought to life such classic felines as Garfield, Simba and Puss in Boots. But, combining a later entry in our list, there is one pug that outshines the lot of them. Heck, he even outshined Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Yes, of course, we can only mean the scene-stealing Frank from Men In Black. Why, you ask? Well for two reasons: one, many people are sticklers for pop-diva power-ballads, and a pug singing I Will Survive is comedy gold as far as we're concerned (especially in a gravelly New York accent); and two, he wears a suit! How can you not hold a pug in the highest regard when they can pull off a full suit? Somebody give that pug an Oscar!
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