Pugs Vs Cats : 6 Reasons The World Became Obsessed With Cute Animals

2. That's Science - It's Inevitable

That's right, no matter how hard you try, cats and pugs will always be able to worm their way into your stone-cold heart and melt it with one innocent look. It isn't your fault though, so don't fight it. Just embrace the fluffy goodness and do what comes naturally - you big softie! Austrian ethologist Konrad Lorenz first coined the idea back in 1949. He suggested that cute animals, such as kittens and puppies, have a set of physical and personality traits that were 'cute', setting off an internal biological reaction that motivates others to care for them. He also said that the reaction towards animals with a more human resemblance (shortened nose, big eyes and rounded face) was stronger than those without. So try all you like to resist, you can't help but love cats and pugs...because they look like little, hairy babies.
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