The Dark Tower: Each Ka-Tet Member Ranked Worst To Best

Ka is a wheel, and someone's got to turn it.


The Dark Tower series written by Stephen King is a seminal part of fantasy literature and easily ranks as some of the greatest work that the author has ever created. The epic scale of the world and the connections that it has not only to ours but the fourth wall itself makes it stand out among other literary epics. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings all get plenty of recognition, but The Dark Tower should be considered an equal among these classics.

The story of Roland Deschain and his quest to reach the Tower is an enthralling read that is utterly filled with memorable characters. But of all of the excessive roles, deliberate attention is paid to making the main cast as strong as possible.

Roland's first Ka-Tet (meaning a group of people summoned by fate for those unfamiliar) were an impressive group. Still, his second - and the ones we follow chronologically in the series - makes for one of the best collection of leads in any medium.

Ranking this group of characters is a difficult task, for they all bring something compellingly unique to the table, but in order to discuss their brilliance, it must be done.

There will be spoilers ahead to examine the characters in detail, but if Ka brought you here, then you likely already know all.

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