Universal Orlando Resort's Mardi Gras: Every Food Booth Reviewed

We ate at every food booth at Universal Orlando Resort's Mardi Gras and here's what we thought.

Universal Orlando Mardi Gras
Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando Resort's Mardi Gras International Flavors of Carnaval has truly been one of our highlights of 2024. The annual extravaganza features a spectacular parade filled with music and beads alongside street performers and concerts featuring world-famous acts.

However, one of the best things about the event is all the food and drink offerings. All around Universal Studios Florida, food booths pop up serving food inspired by cuisine from across the world.

All these tasty treats make Mardi Gras a must attend event. So we decided to test out every one of the booths to make sure that if you head to the event, either this year or next, you know exactly which treats to sample...


Universal Orlando Mardi Gras Mexico

Naturally the drinks menu was margarita heavy including a Classic Margarita and Gran AƱejo Margarita. Unfortunately this booth didn't offer any non-alcoholic versions of its drinks.

This time we decided to go with the Chilaquiles Verdes; a lining of tortillas topped with chicken, salsa verde, onion, cheese and a lime creme. The dish was also marked as suitable for those sensitive to gluten.

At $7.49 this is definitely one of the best value dishes in the park. The portion was quite substantial and contained a lot of chicken.

The flavours were great, spicy and creamy. Though some of the tortillas at the bottom had gone a touch soggy by the end, this dish was really good and there we had no complaints.


Universal Orlando Resort Mardi Gras Thailand

Over at the Thailand booth there was plenty of well known flavours from the country. The menu had a Green Curry with Chicken, Green Papaya Salad with Shrimp and Chicken Satay.

The Thailand booth also had a Butterfly Pea Blossom Tea containing gin, butterfly tea matcha, passion fruit syrup, mint syrup, simple syrup, lime juice in pipette. This also came in a non-alcoholic version which we tasted and was delicious.

Food wise, we selected the Chicken Satay. At $8.99 it was the most expensive item on the menu. The skewer of chicken meant it wasn't the largest of the items we tried but the chicken itself was juicy and well cooked. The peanut sauce wasn't too thin and although there was a definite peanut butter element as opposed to a spicier flavour it was still good. The dish also came with a side of Thai cucumber.

We enjoyed this dish and if you're a satay fan, you should make sure this is on your must eat list.

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