What If You Only EVER Ate Fruit?

Five a day keeps the doctor away. Fruit ALL day makes the doctor say ‘hey!’

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In this day and age, we are more aware of the importance of diet on the overall impact of our health. From veganism to an exclusive carnivore diet, more and more people are subscribing to specific programmes to achieve optimum health.

Vegetarianism has been an incredibly popular diet in the West since the mid-20th Century. Many people began turning away from meat for health and ethical reasons, and towards the end of the century, environmental concerns also became a contributing factor for this diet’s sustained popularity and widespread use.

By the 2010s, veganism was becoming increasingly more common. Citing a further emphasis on ethical and environmental sustainability by removing any and all animal-based products from diets, it is now an accepted regimen and followed by many people throughout the world.

Taking it one step further is the fruitarian diet. Not only does this diet emphasise the total elimination of animal-based products as a food source, but it consists predominantly of sweet roughage, with some fruitarians allowing limited amounts of nuts and seeds on their plates.

So what are the benefits?

4. The Upside Of Just Fruit

Fruit Variety Free Usage

Eating a wide variety of fruit, the taste is a big upside. Packed with natural sugars, fruit has the power to tingle tastebuds. Eating various amounts of fruit throughout the day will be an enjoyable necessity.

As well as the taste, a diet predominantly consisting of fruit can be a good break for your body. The high vitamin content of many fruits will detox your stomach and blood, and this can be a good way to reset the digestive system. Eating fruits in their raw states will also increase the daily intake of fibre, which will result in more trips to the toilet.

This cleansing aspect is one of the most attractive things about fruitarianism.

So who would devote their lives to such an eating programme? Step forward 'Fit Shortie Eats'...

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