What Is The Best American Restaurant In London?

We've reviewed 10 of what we believe to be the 10 best American restaurants in London. Now's the chance to vote for your favourite...

Over the past month I have had the great pleasure of visiting the ten best American restaurants in London as identified by friends, family, colleagues and writers of The WhatCulture! Family. And despite some pretty fierce arguments with my stomach, my heart questioning some of my decisions and one of my kidneys threatening to walk out, I have kept my organs together and they are all in agreement with me that we have enjoyed some of the best American food you will find either side of the Atlantic. I have come to the following conclusions: Best Appetiser €“ Big Easy€™s Voodoo PrawnsBest Chicken Wings €“ Bodean€™s€™ Makers Mark WingsBest Pork Ribs €“ Red Dog Saloon Best Beef Ribs €“ Bodean€™sBest Burger €“ The Diner€™ Diablo BurgerBest Steak €“ Christopher€™s Grill Rump SteakBest Milkshakes €“ The DinerBest Cocktails €“ Maxwell€™sBest Atmosphere €“ Camden Blues KitchenBest Value for Money €“ Bodean€™s Their meat platter, which gets you a hearty serving of all their varieties of smoked meat with fries and coleslaw for just £22.95 cannot be beaten. Great deals every day of the week and an all-round reasonably priced menu and bar make Bodean€™s the best for value. Best Restaurant €“ ? That€™s for you to decide. You€™ve heard what I have to say, but the answer to this one falls to you, the readers of WhatCulture! The polls are now open and will remain so until midnight Sunday the 11th of December. This means you have until then to visit any that have tickled your taste buds, got your tummy grumbling or mouth watering and then cast your vote for which you believe to be the best American Restaurant in London.
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