Why Apple's New Mac Pro And XDR Monitor Aren't A Huge Rip-Off

It might be expensive, but it makes NASA’s computers quake in their boots...

Apple Mac Pro

When Apple launched its revamped Mac Pro at the start of this month, the Internet - somewhat predictably - was set ablaze by the controversial (and questionable) price tag of both it and the new XDR monitor that was released alongside it.

Whilst many rallied support around Apple for developing such advanced and modern technology, one aspect of their new product range caused a particular stir in the online community: the $999 stand. it's hard to say what took the public by surprise more: the fact it was so expensive or the fact it wasn’t included with the $6000 monitor...

But is it really that much of a problem? No, because the set-up is now as over-priced as you might feel you've been led to believe

Why Is it Worth The Money?

Firstly, Apple have put a lot of effort into this totally redesigned product. The Mac Pro offers a dimension of modularity never before seen in the realm of Apple products, which normally limit you to what you originally purchased.

That level of control is worth thousands in itself. Apple had to bite the bullet on this one, it seems. It would have been like buying an expensive car then being told it had been specially designed to prevent you from changing it in any way. Apple have listened to what we want and responded with a truly mind-blowing product, with a price tag that reflects that.

Of course it’s expensive, but that’s the point; it isn’t designed for day to day use. That would be like using a NASA computer to calculate your tax returns: a total waste of potential.

So why are we seeing all of this controversy? Read on for more...

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