Why Apple's New Mac Pro And XDR Monitor Aren't A Huge Rip-Off

How Could This Issue Have Been Averted?

Mac Pro

Apple’s marketing strategy could have prevented this issue all together. The question that has to be asked is why not include the stand with the monitor and charge $1000 more? To say that monitors of a similar specification can reach over $30 thousand, $7000 would still feel reasonable in the world of high-spec computing.

Wouldn’t we all be fooled into believing it was a better deal? Apple, by allowing us to chose whether we buy the stand or not, have caused the issue out of their own good faith - if they just forced us to buy it, no one would be complaining! Surly it would have been better to have sold the monitor and stand as a single item, thus eliminating the controversy surrounding the price of a metal stand.

Why Are People Angry About Apple’s Pricing?

To be honest, the people fuelling this online revolt evidently don’t understand how much corporations have to spend to purchase technology that fits the needs of their profession. If you look at the specs of the Mac Pro, if you look at the specs of the XDR monitor, you can easily understand why it costs so much.

Sure, in comparison to a conventional setup it’s expensive, however, for industry-standard technology, the benefits of purchasing this equipment far outweigh the initial costs.

In short, we should support Apple in their choice to charge an initially astronomical-looking amount for their flagship model. It differentiates the different Mac models and stops people from buying the wrong model for them. You don’t need a Mac Pro for writing emails, much like you don’t need a Ferrari for the school run.

The people who truly need the Mac Pro and XDR monitor will have no objection to paying a premium for it because, at the end of the day, it is a premium product.

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