Do You Know The Titles Of These WWE Theme Songs?

We all know how they sound, but do you know what they're called?


Entrance theme songs are one of the most integral parts of a wrestlers image. A strong theme song can excite the audience and cement a legacy alongside the performer. The sound of glass crashing always meant Stone Cold, the iconic bells signal The Undertaker, real American meant Hulk Hogan.

Entrance music doesn't just accompany a wrestler to the ring; it gives the audience a chance to get a feel for their character, essentially it's an opportunity to sell the gimmick in the short time it takes for the performer to walk from backstage into the squared circle.

But one of the lesser-known things many people remember about a wrestling theme is the song's title. In most cases, they are pretty obvious, but sometimes they appear nothing like you would expect them too.

In the current wrestling world within and outside of WWE there are already some classic entrance music songs. We all know how they sound, and we all love them. But do you know what the titles of these current WWE theme's are? Test yourself to see how well you know these performers theme songs truly.

Johnny Gargano Theme Song Title?

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