Seinfeld: Which Character Appeared In The Most Episodes?

Was it George or Jerry's mother who appeared in the most episodes?

Seinfeld Uncle Leo

Seinfeld ran for a brilliant nine seasons, during which we got to hang out with Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer as they got up to all kinds of fun in New York City.

For this group, we saw them go to parties, go on dates, and even spend some time at the gym. All in all, it forever felt as if our key four were never far away from meeting new people. That could have been one of Jerry's endless amount of girlfriends, Newman who lived in the building, dentist Tim Whatley, Kramer's acting pal Mickey Abbott, Elaine's arch nemesis Sue Ellen Mischke, and there was even poor Babu Bhatt, the restaurant owner who so often had to deal with Jerry's awful advice.

With so many characters dotted across Seinfeld's nine seasons, it would take a huge fan of this sitcom juggernaut to be able to keep up with all of those faces and their different appearances.

As such, are you able to remember every in and out of the series' mammoth 180 episodes? Here, this quiz features two characters per question, and all you need to do is correctly identify which of the pair made the most appearances.

Only the biggest fans of Seinfeld will stand a chance of scoring the top marks in this ultimate character quiz. Let's see if you can get 100%!

1. Which Character Appeared In The Most Episodes?


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