10 Genius Apps To Make You A Better Adult

When adulting is just too hard, there's an app for that...

Avoiding responsibilities spongebob

Being an adult is hard.

Most of us are just waiting for an adultier adult to pop up and show us how it all works at some point, but as time goes by, this is looking less and less likely. We're on our own, here, troops.

We're a tech-obsessed bunch and, luckily, some kind souls out there have developed a whole range of tech-happy tools that will help you fake it til you make it in the land of grown ups. Learn new skills, manage your finances, take care of your mental health - all the important stuff.

Whether you want to put some money away for a rainy day, or just get off your backside and go for a run every now and again, you can bet that every aspect of adulthood has been streamlined and gamified to within an inch of its life. Some of them even manage to combine exercise and zombies (they know us so well).

Whilst these apps won't turn you into your mum overnight, they will make it look as if you've got at least some of your life together - which is a start.

Oh, and seeing as none of us seem to have any money these days, most of them are free too.

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