10 Benefits To Learning Brazilian Jiujitsu

A complete workout with some sick moves? Sign me up!

Wall Street International Magazine

Brazilian Jiujitsu (or BJJ for short) is an ever growing martial art that's been around a lot longer than you may think.

A derivative of the more traditional Japanese Jiujitsu (or jiu jitsu, it's never clear), BJJ offers a more relaxed approach to the sport. Whilst there still is a ranking and belt system, a lot of the progression is based on player-skill, not a set syllabus.

Which makes it an approachable martial art for anyone: from kids to adults, businessman and farmers to even famous celebrities. You'll even see practitioners of other arts utilising BJJ too, as it compliments the sweeps of Muay Thai and the insane grappling of judo.

And that's before we even get into what rashguard you're going to wear with your gi. You wouldn't want to clash, would you... ?

But what's great is the attitude and community behind it, the myriad of health benefits and the "progression at your own pace" style that a seemingly daunting martial art offers.

The phrase "It's not about the destination but the journey" is none more apt than it is here, as BJJ is a sport than gives out what you put into it.

So allow me to share with you at least ten reasons why it's something for everyone.


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