10 Benefits To Learning Brazilian Jiujitsu

9. Insane Variety Of Kit Designs

Brazilian Jiujitsu

When you think of karate, or judo, the mind usually goes to rows of players in rows or grids all wearing white kimonos (the traditional name for a gi).

So when I say BJJ is a derivative of Jiujitsu, imagine it as the teenager that's discovered nu metal and baggy jeans.

Fancy a bright orange gi?

Want a rashguard with Altered Beast on it or a Warriors themed gi?*

How about some leggings with skulls on them?

The beauty is you can have all of those things. Gi and nogi (jiujitsu without a kimono) offers such a massive clothing range. Kit covering movies, metal bands, video games, mythical and demonic monsters... the list is endless.

The only rule is in competition structure, but at regular training, you can look as fabulous as you like. Some schools force you to wear their branded kit as some ludicrous notion of a pyramid system, but 90% of other schools don't care.

You can represent yourself however you like. Show your love for skulls, movies and video games, or not. The choice is yours.

*I've got both, and the pictures don't do them justice.


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