10 Best Midfielders At World Cup 2018

They'll be pulling all the strings this summer.


At the highest level of play, it's said that football matches are either won or lost in the middle of the pitch. Having great forwards and solid defenders is extremely important, but you need top quality midfielders in order to control the game, keep the ball, and create chances for the strikers.

Midfielders tend to be the best all-round players in the game, equally adept at tracking back to defend as well as pushing forward to make opportunities for their teammates, and even chipping in with goals of their own from time to time.

These players end up covering the most ground over the course of the average game and also tend to play more passes and touch the ball more often than anyone else, too. In short, they’re among the most important people on the pitch, and their performances will make or break their team’s chances at this summer’s tournament.

When the World Cup kicks off, football fans all over the world will feast their eyes on some of the globe’s greatest midfielders. All of these players excel at club level and will want to take their domestic form onto the international stage to lead their countries to glory.


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