10 Best Premier League Football Kits For 2013/14 Season

It€™s the ultimate piece of club merchandise for any football fan. Every weekend stadiums are filled with fans proudly wearing their club€™s replica shirt to show their support for their team. Every season, kit manufacturers produce new outfits for each team: home, away, goalkeeper and occasionally a third kit as well. These kits can either be pieces of fashion genius that some of the top fashion designers would be proud of or they can be bits of material that make you be sick all over. In this article, I celebrate the best kits for the upcoming Premier League season, counting down from 10 to 1. There are a few kits in my list that I€™m sure you will disagree with so please feel free to leave comments below. The colours, design and sometimes the sponsor came into consideration when I was deciding the top ten. There is a surprising range of manufacturers on my list, with five companies contributing to the list with Nike being the most common with four kits. With that in mind, click on the link below to start the countdown.

10. Aston Villa (Away)

Kit Manufacturer: Macron Sponsor: dafabet The first debatable choice on my list, many people have branded this the €˜white and blackcurrant chessboard€™. But I don€™t know what it is but this kit draws me in for some reason. It may be the smart thin hoops on the edge of the sleeves or even the prominence of the sponsor in the middle. This kit is mysteriously enticing though, with the quartered design less familiar in the modern era. Moreover, manufacturers Macron have put Mesh inserts around the sleeves and collarbone area of the top which are said to improve breathability. The kit is slim-fit to make fans even more comfortable in their favourite club's shirt. Rating: 6.5/10

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