10 Best Strikers Of The 21st Century

10. Fernando Torres

Total career goals: 300

If this list was made ten years ago, people would be shocked to see Torres so low. Now they may be shocked to see him mentioned at all.

Yet, we must not let the uninspiring second half of his career overshadow the player he was in the first half. Just as it would be absurd, in spite of their calamitous career ends, to not include Iker Casillas or Bastian Schweinsteiger in a list of the best goalkeepers and defensive midfielders of the century, not acknowledging Torres in this list would be neglecting the fact that from 2007 to 2009, it’s quite possible he was the best forward on the planet, only behind the already praise-monopolizing pair of Ronaldo and Messi.

In his first Liverpool season, he scored 33 goals in all competitions. That same year, he won the European Cup with Spain, scoring in the final, and ended on the podium of the Ballon d’Or (a feat that, shockingly, no other player in this list managed to accomplish). The next season, he formed one of the best duos on the planet with Steven Gerrard, won the Puskas Award for his PlayStation-like goal against Blackburn and earned his place, for the second year running, in both the PFA Team of the Year and the FIFPro XI.

Of course, then came the move to Chelsea, then came the miss against Manchester United… we won’t retell a story that’s been excessively dwelled on. But let’s not forget that even after his evergoing dip in form, Torres still won a World Cup, European Cup (being its joint top-scorer), a Champions League and became the only player ever to score in all seven professional English club competitions in a single season. Some players’ peak years pale in comparison.


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