10 Deadliest Punchers In MMA Today

9. 'The Notorious' Conor McGregor

The biggest draw of all time is known for his technical and unique style of striking, as well as his patented left hand. Needing only 13 seconds and one perfectly placed counterpunch to end longtime featherweight champion Jose Aldo's decade long undefeated streak, McGregor etched his name firmly in history. The controversial Irish-man furthered his legacy by moving up a weight class to knockout Eddie Alvarez and capture the lightweight title, becoming the first two division simultaneous champion in UFC history.

Knocking down even the granite chinned Nate Diaz in both of their classic fights, Mcgregor's power is undeniable. Demonstrating a vast array of unorthodox movement and striking techniques only aids in his quest to confuse and frustrate adversaries before landing a heavy finishing blow from his powerful left hand.

His star-power has transcended the sport of MMA to become a global icon. With eighteen of his twenty one career victories ending by way of KO, it's no wonder McGregor felt comfortable making his professional boxing debut against the undefeated 49-0 Floyd Mayweather. Although he would go on to lose the bout, McGregor landed the third most punches of any of Mayweather's opponents, a feat impressive in itself.


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