10 Football Teams That Over-Performed In 2019/20

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.


Not many people will have expected these clubs to have done as well as they have done in their pre-season predictions. If they claimed they did, then they're either geniuses or lying.

Often is it that owners and fans alike will not expect much of certain clubs based on recent history, transfers, managers and many other potential influences, and this rings particularly true of recently promoted clubs whose ambitions are simply to remain in their new division.

If football has taught us anything, it is that everybody loves an underdog story.

Leicester's Premier League triumph in 2015/16, Iceland's heroic run to the 2016 Euro's semi-finals and Ajax's Champions League run in 2018/19. All of these teams earned respect and adoration from footy fanatics around the globe.

Many aspects contribute to a club's downfall when they try to forcefully obtain too much too soon. Fulham, QPR and nearly Aston Villa all got a taste of relegation immediately after throwing £100,000,000 at a brand new playing squad, but that is not what football is about.

Outside of Manchester City and PSG, anyway.

Shrewd business, cohesive units, forward-thinking managers, loyal and passionate fans; let's see which clubs exceeded expectations.


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