10 Football Teams That Under-Performed In 2019/20

It's like they didn't even try.


In parallel to the story of the plucky underdog exceeding all predictions to win the hearts of the neutrals, we have this bunch. Teams with lofty expectations and no results to show for it.

Unlike their counterparts, many of these teams were expected to achieve great things, whether that be European football, promotion or a league title, but unfortunately failed to deliver.

Some failed spectacularly.

Many of these teams are commonly referred to as one of the better teams in their respective divisions, so how has it gone so wrong that they find themselves on a list such as this?

Several factors contribute to a club's success or failure. Managerial changes, poor recruitment, being unlucky with injuries, a squad downing tools, an inability to shake off a run of bad results or even a combination of many of these factors can see a good team capitulate.

Whatever the reasoning may be, the fact of the matter is that these teams simply have not shown nearly enough and need to do some serious work this summer before the beginning of the 2020/21 season to make sure they get back on the right track.

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