10 Footballers Who Got Kicked Out Of The Dressing Room

These guys were far from popular.

Martin Rickett/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Football is a team sport.

Seems pretty obvious right? In order to enjoy success on the pitch, eleven individuals need to be able to come together as a cohesive whole so their strengths can work in harmony. So, with most players having participated in the sport from a young age you would assume that differences can easily be put aside, and that most footballers can quite literally play well with others.

But that isn't always the case...

Some footballers do not adhere to this mantra, and can very quickly become a toxic influence on a club that they have joined. In order to avoid allowing this behaviour to spread to the rest of a team, a manager will often attempt to sell a player they feel has become disruptive, or in extreme cases, banish them to the reserves.

Sometimes though, a player just genuinely isn't the right fit for the team around them, and can go on and find success elsewhere. However, throughout the history of the sport there has been a number of supremely talented players that just cannot seem to be able to go anywhere without proving fractious to the team around them.

These players drew the ire of their coworkers, and were kicked out of the dressing room as a result.


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