10 Footballers Who Rejected Chelsea

10. Dries Mertens

Salvatore Laporta/AP

The most recent example of a transfer target deciding not to make the move to Stamford Bridge, Belgian striker Dries Mertens was reportedly set to join Chelsea this summer upon the conclusion of his contract with Napoli.

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard had met with the Partenopei's all-time top scorer in an attempt to lure him away from Italy but it was to no avail, with Mertens instead likely choosing to remain at the club with all signs pointing towards him inking a new deal in the coming weeks.

Despite the interest possibly signifying the last time that the 33-year-old would have the opportunity to make his mark in another country, Mertens reportedly explained that his decision to stay in Italy was based on not wanting to have to establish himself with a new fanbase.

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live Belgian football journalist Kristof Terreur explained:

"In January when Chelsea knocked on the door, he was quite convinced. But once you are in the south of Italy, with good money and you are a god, why would you change that?"

You can't really argue with that...


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