10 Footballers You Completely Forgot Played For Liverpool

Not every Reds player can be quite like Steven Gerrard.

Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Liverpool have enjoyed quite the resurgence in recent years under Jurgen Klopp.

A sixth European Cup for the Reds was secured just a few months ago and they are already off to a fine start in this season's Premier League campaign, demolishing Norwich City on Friday 4-1.

Klopp has been efficient in the transfer market during his time with the club, and while big money has been spent on the likes of Virgil Van Dijk and goalkeeper Alisson Becker, it's safe to say those two players have been a roaring success at the club thus far.

Unfortunately for some players who grace the Anfield turf things don't quite work out for whatever reason, and there's a whole host of ex-Liverpool men who only the most hardened of football fan will remember.

Legends like Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher are synonymous with the club in the Premier League era in particular and are often lauded as two of the greatest in league history.

The same can't be said though for every player to don the famous red jersey of Liverpool, and it's safe to say the club has had its fair share of forgettable faces.

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