10 Funniest Moments In Rugby History

9. Steward Performs WWE-Style Suplex On Superhero Pitch Invader


We now go from a player running around a rugby pitch in their underwear to a pitch invader running around a rugby pitch in their underwear. When this masked, caped crusader first enters the field of play during the Top 14 clash between Grenoble and Toulon he unsuccessfully tries to steal the ball off of a Grenoble player. Having failed in his efforts, he decides that scoring a try with an invisible ball will have to do instead and runs off towards the posts, showing some silky footwork to evade a couple of stewards on his way.

Having dived under the posts the pitch invader then attempts to stand back up only to be tackled by a steward with an impressive WWE-style manoeuvre that even the high-flying Rey Mysterio would be proud of. It’s not really clear who came off worse in the tackle, but nonetheless the steward quickly gets on top and with the help of his colleagues, apprehends the pitch invader. We can only assume that when the steward got home that night he must have sent this audition tape off to Vince McMahon.


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