10 Insane Football Punishments You Won't Believe

Some truly eye-watering fines here.


With the money in football continually growing as the game becomes ever-more commercialised, players are not only more valuable but also better paid than ever before. With that in mind, it's not surprising that docking footballers their wages has become just one of a multitude of punishments that have been handed out over the years.

The old saying claims that football is a sport for gentlemen played by thugs, and while we don't agree with that characterisation, you'd be forgiven for thinking that more footballers weren't criminals with the way some of them have been disciplined over the years.

After all, how do you fiscally reprimand a multimillionaire athlete for whom money just isn't an object?

Apparently, the best course of action is to just fine them more. Or at least, that's how many of those included in this list were treated for their various infractions. With offences ranging from the banal to the extreme, punishments don't always tend to fit the crime in football.

These players and coaches found themselves on the wrong side of managers, organisations, and sometimes even tyrants for their behaviour.

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