10 Insanely Weird Football Contract Clauses

Football can be a crazy business. Here are some deals that are stranger than fiction.

David Rawcliffe/EMPICS Sport/PXHere

While football delivers its fair share of drama on the pitch, it is not short of drama off it either. ‘The Beautiful Game’ is very much a results-driven business. The signing of the right player at the right time can determine if a season is a success financially, or not.

Clubs, in particular, will go to any lengths when courting the affections of a player they covet. They will also make some pretty curious requests to ensure they get a return on their investments.

Over the years, demands from clubs and in certain cases, players, have become increasingly bizarre. Some rather strange clauses are often inserted in football contracts to ensure the player or club doesn't stray offside!

Ridiculous transfer fees often lead to ridiculous requests, some which have to be seen to be believed.

It's time to take a look at some of the weirdest football contracts ever penned. They include some that read like a football version of 'The Twilight Zone,' and others where the devil certainly was in the detail. And at least one international midfielder who was prevented from escaping to space.


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