10 Managers That Turned NUFC Down

Steve McClaren wasn't the first and he won't be the last...

Who wouldn't want to be the next Joe Harvey? Cup winning Newcastle United captain and the last manager to lift any sort of major silverware at St James' Park over 46 years ago now. Newcastle are now in a desperately uncertain search for a manager, or head coach as they insist on calling the position now with absolutely no say in any transfers and the like. It has always been said that the Newcastle job is one of the most poisoned chalices in football with the Geordie public, their fickleness, over inflated expectations, misplaced sense of entitlement and unparalleled delusion. They're an impossible crowd to please, you know. This most incorrect of stereotypes has made a number of high profile candidates for the job turn their back. They forgot about managing an institution the size of Newcastle United and all the glory that comes with it. This has happened time and time again and will continue to happen for the rest of eternity, such is the way with football management and The Magpie's perception outside of the city. However, what was once a dream job for so many has become somewhat of a smelly, stray cat that no one wants to take ownership of thanks in no part to owner Mike Ashley and his torrid restrictions in the transfer market, among other things. Some of these names are mere fantasies for Newcastle United fans in 2015. But believe it or not, they were actually relatively close to taking the job at one time or another. Ah... Those dreams when you could dream... For all the latest NUFC News, Views and Transfers make sure to follow WhatCultureNUFC on Twitter and Facebook.
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