10 Most Memorable Rangers Wins Over Celtic

159 wins over their biggest rivals, but which are the best?

When it comes to Rangers vs. Celtic, there's no room for sentiment. Sure, the last 'Old Firm' game to be played in early 2015 may have been a dud, but that was more down to a criminally-inept Rangers being unable to challenge even the most average of Celtic sides. Thankfully for Gers fans, there's a rich history of victories over their fiercest rivals to look back on, otherwise the gravity of the aforementioned League Cup semi-final loss might be more significant. Glasgow Rangers have defeated Celtic on 159 different occasions, and it's fair to say there have been some cracking matches between the biggest teams in the Scottish professional game, but the question remains, which are the best? This list takes into account matches from the 1970's right up to the present day, although a fair few of them exist in the more modern era. There are examples of Rangers wiping the floor with Celtic throughout history, but in the interest of detail, more modern examples will be used during this article. Out of 159 victories, here are 10 of the most notable, exciting and wholly memorably wins for Glasgow Rangers in Scotland's biggest derby, along with exactly why they made the cut.

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