10 Most Painful UFC Submissions

They'll be begging for mercy...

We all love a great knock-out. They come with an unexpected brutality which stuns both the recipient and the spectator. However, a submission victory in the UFC requires much more patience and discipline, and often the results are actually more impressive than a wonderful punch right-on-the-button. When a fighter engages a move that presses hard on pressure points, or takes the flexibility of the human body to the fringes of breaking point, they are in entire control of their challenger. With a knock-out, the exit is quick and clinical, whilst here the fighter is face-down in the canvas, caught in unrelenting agony. They are quite simply forced to beg for mercy. With some of the most dominant competitors in the division exercising frequent wins via the technical combination of wrestling, judoka and jiu jitsu, we felt it was time to shed some light on the most painful submission moves inside the Octagon. With arm-breaks and pass-outs a potential fate for those caught within, these ten UFC attacks will have you slamming the mat and ending the fight in a state of desperation.
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