10 Most Shocking Red Cards In Premier League History

The footballer's version of the walk of shame.

The Premier League has always been known for its high intensity since its formation in 1992. No other league in Europe can offer the high-tempo of play that England's top division can, and because of this it has attracted the cream of the crop of talent. With the best talent comes the biggest rivalries and the most passion, and inevitably, that often spills over. The men in the middle have certainly had their hands full over the last 24 years in an attempt to keep the game as free-flowing as possible, but at times the big egos and rivalries that have formed have made it a near-impossible task. Consider trying to handle the latest round of Roy Keane versus Patrick Vieira to name just one. While bone-crunching, eye-watering tackles a plenty over the years, fans have often had to look at replays through the gaps in their fingers, it's not always the players who have been at fault. Sometimes the men in black have produced some absolute howlers. But which dismissals stand out most for supporters?

10. Steven Gerrard - March 22nd, 2015

He was supposed to save the day. The Liverpool legend, who had become a bit-part player during his final season at Anfield, was seen as the man to turn it around against bitter rivals Manchester United and was introduced to the game at half time by Brendan Rodgers with the home side trailing 1-0. While he surely would have wanted to make a quick impression and been told to make his presence known, this was not the way to go about it. After being on the end of a slightly late tackle, the Liverpool captain was enraged and landed a stamp on Ander Herrera and that was that - game over for Stevie G after just 38 seconds. Cue a barrage of taunts by the away fans and an eruption on Twitter of memes and gifs all mocking the veteran midfielder.
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