10 Players Who Will Rule Premier League In 2020/21

Don't expect to see David Luiz and Phil Jones make the cut.

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The 2019/20 Premier League season certainly was a memorable one. As well as introducing new features such as the universally popular video assistant referee, the season would go down as the longest edition in history and the first to be see games right across the country played behind closed doors.

Luckily, the football continued to supply some of the most gripping and dramatic stories found anywhere on the planet. Whilst Liverpool's 30 year league drought was brought to a close at-a-canter, the race for the Champions League and battle for survival were both competitions fought right up until the final day of the season.

The likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Jordan Henderson, Danny Ings and Jamie Vardy all established themselves as the faces of the season with their leadership and impressive performances on the pitch, but there has already been an influx of new talent coming in ahead of the new season hoping to raise the bar. With Liverpool hoping to defend their title from Manchester City, the fight for Europe looking tastier than ever, and unknown quantities such as Leeds United making the relegation battle look harder to predict, here are ten players to look out for over the course of the 2020/21 Premier League season.

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