10 Things Steven Gerrard Wants Liverpool Fans To Forget

10. His Slip Cost Liverpool The Title

Steven Gerrard Slip Gif Starting with the image that will perhaps go on to symbolise not just Gerrard's failure to win a Premier League title, but Liverpool's as well, his slip against Chelsea in the closing stages of the 2013/2014 season will be the main thing he wants to gradually fade from the collective conciseness. Going into the game Liverpool were unbeaten in a staggering 16 games, sat atop of the Premier League table, and had the title in their own hands - victory in their remaining matches would guarantee them a first domestic league win since 1990. But, with the halftime whistle mere moments away and Liverpool content to pass the ball around at the back after a good first 45, Steven Gerrard allowed the ball to slip past him and into the path of Demba Ba. Scrambling to recover, his feet gave beneath him and he found himself on all fours looking up at Ba as he strode unopposed towards goal. Seconds later the ball was in the back of the net, and Chelsea went on to not only beat Liverpool, but effectively cripple their title challenge. Whoops.
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