10 Things We Learned From The English Premier League Football Weekend (15-17 September 2017)

Marauding Man City, Lacklustre Liverpool, Terrific Toon.

Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport

"The Premier League is the best league in the world" is a familiar refrain born from familiarity.

Something as meh as Everton vs. Southampton has an added element of intrigue because Ronald Koeman might get jeered upon returning to his old club. But for all domestic fans know, Osasuna's boss might have had it off with the Espanyol gaffer's missus. We know the subplots, is a less coarse way of putting it, and are probably biased as a result. You get the impression that league chiefs won't include too many highlights from this weekend the next time they come to renegotiate the insanely lucrative worldwide television rights fees; it was a weekend heavy on draws and light on the expansive quality we've come to expect, fairly or otherwise.

Many of the games were sh*t squared, to be more coarse about things.

At the very least, a largely competent and consistent weekend of officiating spared us from a continuation of last weekend's tedious high foot debate. Note to Chris Sutton: you can't rescind a correct decision within the laws of the game because another ref got it wrong elsewhere.

It might not be the world's best league - but Saturday proved it houses one of the world's best.


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