10 Things We Learned From Week Two Of WWE's XFL

Was that opening week a one-off, or could Vinnie Mac do it again?

Vince McMahon XFL

Week 2 was always going to be the acid test for Vince McMahon's revamped XFL. The opening weekend was a winner that earned praise from all corners of the sporting globe (including NFL hardcores like Cris Collinsworth and Troy Aikman), but longevity will be key.

Nobody wants another AAF to stink up pro football's sphere.

WWE are gonna' have to last longer than other NFL alternatives if they want any hangover laughter from 2001's failure to disappear completely. That's just the way it is, and they can't complain about any doubters scoffing their way through the first few weeks. Cheerfully, things look good, and room for improvement shouldn't be viewed as some worrying alarm bells ringing in the distance.

This week, the league offered up another four dynamic games for football-hungry fans. New York Guardians travelled to take on the impressive DC Defenders and Tampa Bay Vipers were at Seattle Dragons on Saturday. Sunday's lineup was filled out by Dallas Renegades visiting LA Wildcats and St. Louis Battlehawks at Houston Roughnecks.

Here's everything one fan learned, and how the XFL's second week compared to the first...

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