10 Things We Learned From Week Two Of WWE's XFL

10. Crowds Were Up & Down

Last weekend was a promising opening for the XFL. McMahon and company were able to boast about a combined total of 68,818 across all four games in DC, Texas and New Jersey. That pleasing number was slightly down for Week 2, but there's no reason to start chewing fingernails.

DC Defenders had 15,031 for their second home game in a row against the Guardians, and Seattle swept everyone away in football fever by logging an amazing 29,172 for their home opener against the Vipers.

Seattle was ready for some XFL, apparently.

These are good signs for the league's future, especially in NFL-rich markets like Washington. Other venues, like the Wildcats' Dignity Health Sports Park, may need a bit of papering to make them worthwhile. Then again, that place had been an atmosphere vacuum for the LA Chargers in recent years.

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