10 Things We Learned From World Cup 2018

10. VAR Needs Work

There was a lot of doubt about the influence of video assistant referees (VAR) in the buildup to this World Cup and we can't exactly say that all those doubts will have disappeared over the last few weeks.

At first, VAR actually seemed like a good addition, overturning a few wrong decisions and helping to make certain games fairer, but the flaws in the system were quickly exposed. In one of its first uses at the tournament, VAR awarded a very debatable penalty to France against Australia, and the French once again benefited from VAR in the final, being given another penalty that seemed more than a little harsh on Croatia.

There were ups and downs with VAR, but too often the system left fans and analysts scratching their heads, wondering why a certain decision hadn't been overruled or how exactly the rules were being enforced. Like regular referees, the VAR system relies on humans and humans are prone to making errors, even when they have more than a dozen screens in front of them, apparently.


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