10 Times Sunderland Defied All Footballing Logic

9. Liverpool 0-1 Sunderland

© Colorsport/Corbis

2/5/1981. With one round of fixtures left to play, Sunderland needed to go and win at Anfield in order to remain in the first division. Either they, Brighton or Norwich would be dropping down a league, and the Wearsiders had the daunting task of getting a result against the European Cup finalists Liverpool in their own backyard.

In excess of 10,000 fans made the trip to Merseyside, and they weren't left disappointed. Half an hour in, Stan Cummins gave Sunderland the lead, giving The Black Cats something to hold onto. No matter how much the likes of Souness, Rush, Clemence and Hansen tried, they couldn't find a way through.

Sunderland somehow came away with the victory, sparking pandemonium in the stands. It was the first time they had beaten Liverpool at Anfield in over 20 years, who themselves went on to win the European Cup in the following weeks with a victory over Real Madrid.

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