10 Weirdest New Signing Reveals In Football History

Sometimes the playing, dancing, and magic should be done on the pitch, not off it.

We live in an era where commercial appeal is an equal priority to success on the pitch for most football clubs. Commercial success means reliable access to funds, which in turn leads to stability and continued sporting development. In other words, the more money you make, the more likely you are to keep winning on the pitch.

Central to this, is "brand identity", or how your brand/football club is perceived. Will your club attract new fans? Will it attract big money sponsors and sell lots of merchandise? All very, very corporate and soulless.

The heartbeat behind creating a brand identity, is social media. Clubs have dedicated social media departments, tasked with all forms of communication with fans. These include everything from making funny videos to giving matchday updates. One of the more important jobs they do, is announce transfers and reveal new signings to fans.

The more hype they can drum up, the more interest it will create around the club. More interest means more shirts sold and mentions on social media. In layman's terms, more quick money for the club. In football though, things don't always go to plan on the pitch, and nor do they off the pitch.

In their desperate (and occasionally very out of touch) attempts to create a buzz, football clubs can get signing reveals pretty wrong. The results? Fantastic comedy for us, the fans.

Here are some of the more noteworthy examples of signing reveal own goals.


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