10 Worst Sports Jerseys Of All Time

The Sunday League of Kits.

Matthew Ashton/EMPICS Sport

Jerseys, uniforms, strips, kits. They're called different things in different places, but they serve the same purpose across all sports. They create an identity and for some sports teams, help them become a recognisable brand worldwide. There is not a country on Earth which isn't home to at least one Manchester United shirt, surely!?

When done right they can become iconic. Think of Real Madrid's all white home kit, New York Yankee's pinstripes, Green Bay Packers' green and yellow or Chicago Bulls red and black and you immediately remember some of the greatest sports jerseys of all time. It's quite easy to make a great jersey, bold colours and simple designs tend to be loved by sports fans, meaning that in theory it would be hard to get them so wrong.

Like many theories however, in practice the reality is much farther from the truth. For every perfect uniform, there are just as many hideous ideas which should never have been allowed out of the drawing room. Whether purposely bad or just awful attempts to create something unique, such jerseys are an assault on the eyes. Here are some perfect examples of the imperfect, ten of the worst sports jerseys in history.

10. Sydney Sixers, Inaugural Kit (2011-12)

The 2011-12 Big Bash League was the first Australian cricket league to use city based franchises, as opposed to the teams from the Sheffield Shield state league. Sydney Sixers were one of two teams from Sydney, and won the league in its first season.

The team may have won, but by no accounts did they look good doing it. Looking like also-rans from 'Stars in Their Eyes', the Sixers played in pink and black, complimented by garish looking stars.

To be honest any of the Sixers jerseys could be put in here, but the first one was the worst of them all.


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